MacSema offers total solutions for data collection and tracking by providing hand-held bar code and button readers.  There are a variety of applications that would be appropriate for bar code and/or ButtonMemory® Contact Memory Buttons.


ButtonMemory Contact Memory Button is the perfect alternative to bar codes or RFID because they are designed to survive for years in harsh environments including military, aerospace, utility, transportation and industrial applications.  Examples of some ButtonMemory  and bar code applications are described below.

Click here to learn how Northrop Grumman Ship Systems is implementing Contact Memory Buttons as a configuration management tool for the Navy and the Coast Guard.



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Hazardous Waste

When attached to drums or other waste containers, ButtonMemories are used for identification and tracking.  In addition, buttons can store waste profile records, drum pressure information, shipping manifests, images/x-rays and can serve as an electronic log book to verify chain of custody. Click here 




 Time & Attendance

A Data:Maxx Mobile solution utilizes lightweight, pager-sized mobile scanners and bar coded job/task and employee cards to provide busy field supervisors with an easy, automated method of collecting and processing daily work force information.  To learn more,  Click here


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                       Cargo Tracking 

Attaching ButtonMemories to cargo container  locks, bars or seals, makes it possible to verify electronically that the cargo load matches the manifest.  Click here  

Cargo can be tracked through a secured Internet site from port of origin to port of discharge allowing for advanced information on incoming cargo even before it leaves the foreign port.  

Click here to learn how CGM Security Solutions is incorporating ButtonMemory technology into their locks and seals.  



      Life Limited Components

When attached to aircraft components and equipment, ButtonMemory becomes an electronic log book (portable database) with  virtually unlimited read/write data modification. Click here
Advances configuration management, maintenance record keeping and other logistical functions throughout the item's life cycle. Click here

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   Motor Maintenance & Repair


Collect and save motor repair information  to generate reports to improve the shipping and billing times.  Use MacSema's ButtonMemory to collect repair information about the motor, which can be downloaded to the  database and/or saved to a button.




Security Tracking

The Security Plus System is a comprehensive turnkey guard  tour package that provides a complete audit trail of guard activities and incidents noted, ensuring that secured premises have been patrolled.  Using a hand held data collector a guard touches each ButtonMemory on their route to instantly record the date and time they were present  at each check point.

Click here to learn  how ball park security guards at  Coor's Field  have benefited by using MacSema's SPS Application.


Click here to learn more about MacSema's (SPSnet) Guard Tour System






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 Fire & Safety

Attach ButtonMemories at each inspection site.  Provides a complete audit trail and reports when and who checked or serviced the equipment.  



Animal Tracking

MacSema ear tags allow ranchers to access 
information critical to managing herds of dairy cows, beef cattle, hogs and sheep.  Information being tracked may include genealogy, medical history, milk production, calving history, registration, owner identification and other specific information that must be continually updated throughout the life of the animal.  A ButtonMemory may be attached to an animals collar as well so that vital information can be easily retrieved.

Click here
to learn more under  the subheading
"Back at the Ranch."




   Medical Bracelet

ButtonMemories attached to wrist bands can store information specific to each patient.  By requiring medical personnel to update patients buttons, contact and services can be accurately tracked.  This will provide the information needed for patient billing, ensure patient care standards,  safety standards and inventory tracking.




MacSema's patented ButtonBolt provides the ability  to seamlessly integrate information technology into the asset.


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Utility Pole Tracking

Rugged ButtonMemory helps you track utility poles,  equipment location, condition and shared usage.  Button Memories can be attached to any surface and can provide maintenance information on site.



Transmission Tower Inspection

Rugged ButtonMemory helps you track transmission towers  in remote areas of the world.  Vital  maintenance and repair information can be stored on the Button and easily accessed with one touch.  Built to survive in extreme temperatures and environments, ButtonMemory offers the survivable advantage over bar codes. 



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Railroad Maintenance 

By incorporating ButtonMemory technology into the railroad industry, warranty information can be available on demand, along with the ability to track damage to railroad wheels, axles, monitor track conditions  and to provide complete maintenance history.  Click here to see how ButtonMemory technology is being used by the Korean Railroad for axle tracking and maintenance.   


Click here to learn how ButtonMemory technology is used in Portugal for Train Tracking, called Train Office.



Harvest Tracking

Time and attendance, production information and crop analysis can be easily recorded by using ButtonMemory technology.  Click here

These electronic Buttons can simplify recording the activities of hundreds of workers picking thousands of units of fruit each day. 
Click here to see how Dole Fresh Fruit is incorporating ButtonMemory technology  into their data capture application.




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Tracking Solution

Accurately record the ins and outs of  hundreds of construction workers on site.  Provide quick and accurate data collection with a system that can operate without power, offers portability and survives severe environmental conditions.  Click here to learn how Raytheon controls payroll costs with bar-coded badges.





Hierarchy Application

Discover how MacSema provides the total solution that will automate your data-collection needs. By using MacSema's Hierarchy Application, you will virtually eliminate mounds of paperwork, the need to decipher handwriting and errors caused by manual data entry.

Click here
to learn more.






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Amusement Ride Inspection System

MacSema's SPS System is a comprehensive turnkey maintenance and electronic inspection verification package for Amusement Parks and Mobile Amusement Rides.  Place rugged ButtonMemory devices at each inspection check point.  Touch the ButtonMemory with a handheld data collector to instantly record the date and time of inspection as well as record condition or rating of equipment being inspected.  Print inspection audit trail and list of follow up maintenance actions required.  No paper forms  to fill out and search through.  Complete maintenance history can be stored on the ButtonMemory and attached to the asset.   Click here to learn more.



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