MacSema now has a replacement Wand for The TimeWand II Videx reader

MacSema's ButtonMemory® Contact Memory Button is a battery-free read/write electronic data storage technology designed to perform in extreme operating  environments associated with  military, aerospace,  utility, transportation  and  industrial  applications.  ButtonMemory enhances configuration management, asset tracking, inspection and maintenance functions throughout the service life of the asset to which it is attached.  In addition to exceptional durability, ButtonMemory Contact Memory Buttons  offer the potential to improve productivity by eliminating or reducing the time and inconvenience associated with accessing a central database.  Data stored on a ButtonMemory is retrieved by momentary contact using a probe and can be viewed and updated on site.  Each button has a unique serial number.  ButtonMemory Contact Memory Buttons have been tested to rugged military specifications including the applicable requirements of MIL STD-810F.  Environmental test parameters include exposure to temperature extremes, shock, vibration, radiation, electrostatic discharge (ESD), electromagnetic interference (EMI) and electromagnetic pulse (EMP).  The technology is available in a variety of physical sizes with memory capacities up to 8 MB.

"Airbus Issues RFID Requirements"

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"RFID Tags for Configuration Management".