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The MegaButtonTM is available in memory capacities of  8 Megabytes, as well as 4 Gigabytes.   A MegaButton is a rugged data storage device designed for use and survival in harsh operating environments. Attached to equipment and related components, MegaButtons offer extended data storage capabilities, allowing large amounts of information; maintenance or technical manuals, schematic diagrams, x-rays, and pictures to be stored on the button along with nameplate, configuration and maintenance data.  Click Here.

The ability to quickly view critical information on-site saves both time and money for maintenance personnel and asset managers. By eliminating the time and inconvenience associated with locating a paper manual or accessing a central database, logistical support functions such as configuration management, maintenance record keeping, preventive maintenance procedures and asset tracking are enhanced throughout the service life of the asset.

MegaButtons are built to the same rugged standards of survivability as MacSema's MiniButtonTM and MicroButtonTM . The technology has successfully completed tough environmental testing using rigorous military standards including temperature extremes, radiation, electrostatic discharge (ESD), electromagnetic interference (EMI), electromagnetic pulse (EMP), shock, vibration, solvents and saltwater.  Measuring  28.6 mm (1.1 inches) in diameter by 5.1 mm (0.2 inches) high, the battery free MegaButton  weighs only 5.0 grams. Data is retained indefinitely.

Users read and write to MegaButtons using MacSema's USB  MegaButtonLinkTM .  This external device connects directly to a PC USB port and allows users to quickly access and update information on a MegaButton through a familiar Windows interface in the same way a diskette is accessed from a floppy drive. MegaButton systems are Plug and Play compatible with off the shelf software, allowing easy integration with industry standard hardware platforms and software applications.


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