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  • Accesses up to 256 readers
    with one serial port
  • Intelligent master-microprocessor
  • Transfers at up to 115K baud
  • Fast trickle charge
  • Reader reset protected-
    controlled by host computer
  • Rugged die-cast metal casing
  • Modem - to modem compatible
  • Uses serial cable (C1B01)
    and power cord (ATUPC)
  • Powered by transformer (ATUM2)


To meet the demands for downloading and recharging several readers, MacSema has designed and manufactures the Multi-Dock DownLoader/Recharger.  Up to 16 mini-docks (DMS2S) can be connected to each master controller (DMMM0).  And because up to 16 masters can be connected together, you can actually communicate with up to 256 readers.  The entire Multi-Dock network can be connected to a PC, notebook, modem or printer using only one serial cable.

Standard features include: fast/trickle charge; status indicator lights; transfer data from only one mini-dock at a time (which prevents "collisions" during communication); auto-configuration of masters and minis (confusing dip switches are non-existent). 

The master/mini-dock combination provides these additional benefits: the battery voltage of each reader can be monitored by  the host computer; programmable LED's are a standard part of each mini-dock ( they indicate each dock's status and whether it is transmitting, receiving or recharging); discharge/recharge cycling is automatic throughout; readers can only be reset by software on the host computer, resulting in higher data security.

MacSema offers a range of downloader/recharger products including the Micro DownLoader, Single-Station DownLoader/Recharger, and the S-10 Recharger (recharges up to 10 readers at one time).


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